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Our Strategy

Providing the most powerful alternatives for listed investments

Monitor Capital Investments aims to play a leading role as provider of alternatives for listed investments. Whether you are searching for stable and reliable income or high risk high return investments, we have exactly what you are looking for.

Core Principles

Due Diligence

Selecting the best investments stands or falls with the quality of the conducted due diligence. We always make sure that we get to the bottom of every proposition and only take it to the next stage it answers to our highest standards.

Skin in the Game

As only the best investment proposals make it through our strict due diligence process we think it is only normal that we personally invest in our portfolio projects. This provides an additional layer of comfort, knowing that we always have personal assets at stake.

Global Network

Over the years, the MCI team has built up an extensive global network with a main focus on The Netherlands, Southeast Asia and the United States. We are however always traveling the world, searching for new opportunities in high-growth geographical areas.

Investment Strategy

MCI’s strength is the capability to unite funding from wealthy families and corporations with promising private equity, venture capital and real estate projects all over the world. Our mission however is not just to be an intermediate between these parties but to actively be involved, investing side by side with our clients in each project and thus sharing in the risk. Through it’s network, MCI has the expertise to perform a thorough due diligence on all propositions and carefully select only those investments which show the most potential to provide a superior return. We strongly believe that this mindset puts us in a unique position to become your best partner in non-listed direct investments.